10 Reasons for Learning Chinese in Taiwan

Taiwan is a modern, free, democratic society whose people are hardworking, fun-loving, educated and friendly. While eagerly embracing the future, the people of Taiwan hold onto traditional values and ideals. The family, including ancestors, is of utmost importance; education and scholarship are held in high esteem. Traditional forms of writing, architecture and art are part of everyday life. Yes, in Taiwan the ancient and modern, traditional and new are seamlessly woven together, creating a fascinating, dynamic society like no other in the world.

  • FirstFirst ∣ A Perfect Place to Learn Chinese
  • SecondSecond ∣ A Repository of Chinese Culture
  • ThirdThird ∣ Learn Complete, Traditional Chinese Characters
  • FourthFourth ∣ An Excellent Environment for Learning Chinese
  • FixthFixth ∣ Available Scholarships
  • SixthSixth ∣ A Free and Democratic Society
  • SeventhSeventh ∣ Easy to Reach, A Great Place to Travel
  • EighthEighth ∣ High Standard of Living
  • NinthNinth ∣ Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL)
  • TenthTenth ∣ Work While You Study

Study in Taiwan


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